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Thanks to the Internet, most escort agencies list a few pictures of all the escorts available. Therefore, you can get a quick peek as to what a potential Asian escort looks like before you commit to hiring her for her services for the night. If you do not want to go through an agency for whatever reason you can browse through various classified ad websites that most likely will have a section somewhere for hiring escorts. These are a bit less secure and safe than escort agencies, which offer some protection to their clients and are generally more honest and transparent.

Why Hire an Asian Escort While most stereotypes are not true, the stereotype that Asians give the best massages is widely considered to be true. Many clients of Asian escorts will argue that they get the best massages when hiring an Asian escort, although this is obviously not always the case. Services Offered If you hire an Asian escort, here are some of the many services offered by most escorts: Few things are as pleasurable as a sensual massage. A sensual massage is what you would expect it to be — a combination of a massage and sensual touching.

Tantra is a complicated practice that takes years of experience to master. Many Asian escorts around the country can provide tantra if you want to truly experience pleasure. Have a specific fetish you want to experience?