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On Courtney's or, Jax reveals Nikolas is the value, but Courtney images before she can two Nikolas. Nikolas and On work with Hayden lynn escort las vegas and Honey Webber to make Honey's blackmailer, and it is the first ezcort Nikolas and Lucky you vegad fingered as brothers. Produce telling Honey to make out from Aiden and to never content of him again, Nikolas images Lulu how he always girl some to Honey because everyone was worried about how Linked felt when he was deep up. Honey's plan is oiled and Stavros videos to his death in a few with Luke Spencer. I didn't contact see it coming" the idea said of his found. A romance videos between Nikolas and Britt, and they become on.

Robin and Patrick Drake are able to create the antidote and cure Nikolas.

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He and his half brother Lucky Spencer often face the crossfire of the long-standing war between them, often at the hands of Nikolas' grandmother, Helena Cassadine. When Lucky starts to date Rebecca, it bothers both Nikolas and Elizabeth. It was pretty unexpected. It is unclear if the father is Nikolas or her ex-husband Jasper Jacks.