Engine compression test 1.9 ford escort

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Burke i would lean towards timing belt Without a cam you actually have more compression. The Big Al Timing belt could have jumped, putting the engine out of time. Could have broke a crankshaft, broke 2 rods. Run hot and burned holes in the pistons. Check cam timing and go from there. If not a timing belt issue it's terminal.: I had a Craftsman one fail on me that gave me 0 readings.: I was a little suspicious on the 0 readings, till I tried it on my other car that runs Engine compression test 1.9 ford escort fine with the same results.

Paul Wright 3rd-January, Does it have a good Engine compression test 1.9 ford escort valve in the end? Put your thumb over the spark plug hole and feel for compression. If the gauge is right and there is no compression in all four, the valves are bent or stems stuck in the guides. I seem to remember the 1. I think the bolts are torque to yield. If someone replaced the gasket and not the bolts, clamping force might be gone. If you aren't losing coolant then it's not likely the head lifted and the gasket blew. I would check the belt timing marks to see if the cam is timed.

If that's ok, then it has to be something ugly. Do a leak down test and see where the air is escaping. If an overhead cam is not connected to the drive belt it will stop with valve spring tension against the lobes. Some valves won't close all the way. You can't build any compression in a cylinder with a valve open. There may be one cylinder with both valves closed, but without any air being drawn in, you don't have air to compress. You can test this on your V Just remove all the rockers and do a compression test. Your first revolution will compress the air in the cylinder. The compression will go lower, not higher. So the general consensus is that running it out of oil would not cause the rings to fail in a way that would lead to PSI on two cylinders seems like all 4, but havent tested yet.

I'm fairly confident in my guage, as it's been used a few times in the recent past, and the motor spins like it has no compression, so I was not surprised when I got on the guage.

How can check compression for ford escort 1989 1.9 4 cls

I also spun the motor with a 15mm wrench on the cam bolt, so I know there is tord no resistance I'll check it one more time vord proper valve timing check intake valve closing in relation to piston movement. Rockers for cylinder 1 were tight on the valves, and opened with the cam, so I can't imagine they are stuck open I didn't want to pull the head if it was repairable, but I think it is junk. Have you pulled the valve cover? Did one of the valves drop?

Has it ever overheated? The valve seats on the 4 cylinder are famous for dropping down onto the piston once the engine has overheated. There's just no way the plug could have hit something unless something came apart in that cylinder. I'm also thinking a dropped valve. Pull the head and let us know. You'll get her fixed. After that they had reliefs in the pistons. And some '83 engines actually were interference I drive a '90 with an '88 head on it, and aftermarket. As for the '97 SPI, it's got pop-top pistons with cutouts. One of the intake valve seat shattered, which is apparently common on escorts when they over heat mine didn't. The head was gouged up really bad and the piston was banged up.