93 escort belt

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With the door shut and the igntion turned on, it wants to move the slider to the rearmost position. But if you open the door the module will try to move the belt to the front. There are limits switches at each end of the travel. The way to get the belt latch item to stay at the rearmost position involves removing the round cover for the spool the motor turns to move the cable. It is located on the inner side of the door pillar down low - like not far from your hip. Its a lot easier to reach on a 4 door car, with the driver's seat slid all the way forward.

Inside here is a connector you can pull apart, to disconnect the motor. Then with the tool you can wind the slider item to the rearmost position, and it will stay there. 93 escort belt think this also means the dome light wont come on when the driver's door is open. The Cameron monica escort that tells the controlling module for the automatic belt is located on the door latch; its not the same switch as the one for the dome light. I own 5 2nd generation E. Sscorts, and one of them has a non-working driver's side belt.

Such cases will provide a range in belt size. When driving through large puddles, it is possible for water to splash up into the engine bay and get onto the belts and pulleys. This will not damage them, but a squealing noise may be noted, along with the alternator or battery light illuminating due to the alternator belt slipping. Additionally, leaking coolant or oil can cause belt issues. Coolant will act as a lubricant and cause the belts to slip, while leaking oil will also damage the belt's rubber. Can I replace the serpentine belt myself? The vast majority of serpentine belts only require simple tools to replace. However, the procedures vary wildly from car to car.

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Before ordering parts or attempting this repair yourself, look online for guides on how to replace the belts in your specific vehicle. Vehicles with transversely mounted engines are often more difficult to service due to lack of space between the engine and frame. Special tools to release and lock the belt tensioner may be required to perform this procedure.