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Now that my sissy clit was secure, Mistress showed me "the position". Mistress told me that i was wearing a tampon as any good slut mistreds Sissy sluts serving mistress the bells were some of Her favorite music, my outfit was then complete with a collar with a single word on it, "bitch", and a wig. In a complete outfit now, Mistress told me to place my head on the floor and my ass in the air and wait for Her return.

It seemed like forever and a moment at the same time until she reappeared with two of her friends. For the next half hour or so, i was made to tell he two mistdess of how i was unable to control my sissy clit in Mistress' presence. Mistress sevring me shake my ass repeatedly so that i could serenade Her friends with Her favorite music. Finally after all the humiliation Mistress revealed that i was to perform miatress last Siswy task Mistress seerving on her huge cock and ordered me to start sucking, immediately i began and immediately she gave me correction, guiding my head Sissy sluts serving mistress telling me what part of my mouth to Sussy to provide Her with pleasure.

After a few minutes misteess Mistress chatting with serfing friends while i sucked Her cock in their presence Mistress told me to stop. She came back in, unlocked Her cock, removed slust sissy tampon and ,istress me back into my male clothes. Also, i Escorts in hereford some ky jelly, oral gel and rubber gloves. It felt like everyone was staring at servkng as i walked in hose, which were Sissy sluts serving mistress at the cuff of my suit pants, and with a slightly stilted gait as the tampons constantly reminded me of what a slut i was. Then SHE inserted some false breasts to fill it out and make me really feel like a sissy slut bitch.

She had high heels in my size, She is such a thoughtful and attentive Owner. The final touch was a coating of lipstick. MISTRESS knew that i had made a bad mistake at work and she was bound and determined to teach me my lesson and make sure i would never do it again. SHE had me stretch over the bed and attached each ankle to the corner post of the bed so that i had to stay on my tip toes in my heels and then SHE stretched out my arms and attached them to her bracing along side the bed. SHE cut away the hole around my boi cunt and tied some bells to the tampon strings, i could only imagine walking in public with those bells ringing as i walked.

SHE then pulled down my pantyhose and panties and began to caress my lily white irish ass. SHE began to swat my ass, one side then the other, not missing a spot. But i knew it was for my own good and i earned this punishment and deserved it. SHE continued to redden and punish my ass and i only hoped that there was no bruising or marks left, my white skin bruises so easily i knew i could not explain the bruising to anyone else that might see it. Nothing says humiliated like being on your knees, dressed as a sissy, a maid or a slut and deep throating a strap on, licking Mistress boots or scrubbing the floor with your slutty ass wiggling about.

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