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As a humanistic and benevolent society, this cultural monstrosity should concern everyone emxican. The oppression of women economically, politically, socially, sexually, and psychologically has a long and violent history — the U. Women are expected to conform to these assigned roles, and if not are labeled as whores or wicked. These cultural monstrosities objectify women and as objects they are used without consideration of their own feelings, opinions, or perspectives.

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So this brings up the question: My focus will be rape culture on the U. This page can boder one cognitively aware that rape culture exists and is a reality mexicqn amongst Sluts mexican border. It mexicab reached epidemic proportions. Women and men must unite to end rape culture and create a new masculinity and a new movement, maybe even a revolution. Edit An examination of the news headlines will reveal the reality of women and young children being tormented by a patriarchal society that seems to be perpetuating a rape culture instead of ending it. Here are a few examples in reality there are seemingly endless examples out of the headlines here to help bring awareness to the cultural monster of rape culture in our society.

A few samples are: The only rule, it seems, is being female: It's a warning more than Sluts mexican border word: Bkrder times the hookers are underage girls. Prostitution is rarely enforced in Sluts mexican border Mexican cities including Nogales, Sonora less than an hour drive south of Tucson, Arizona. However, Mexican Police Tigh tan sluts are cracking down on mexicwn that solicit underage teens. Sex, American Tourism, and Underage Girls. A street recruiter in Nogales, Sonora "matter of factly" talks about a known whore house on the outskirts of this Mexican border city of overpeople: News 13's Paul Cicala and Duane Peeler posed as Americans interested in finding prostitutes in order to expose the sex tourism problem in Nogales.

The two-man-crew shot the interviews from a concealed camera to protect their journalistic identity and ensure their safety. However, the man emphasizes he doesn't solicit underage women. But he does acknowledge some people do, including Arizonans. Dozens of recruiters in Nogales serve much like pimps, trying to convince Arizonans just crossing the border to go to strip bars that also have prostitutes. Our News 13 Crew was swarmed by many recruiters literally moments after crossing the international border into Nogales, Sonora.