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Garda Cornally said most of these "escort" agencies were based on the south side of the city. He pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman, occasioning her actual bodily harm, in Jurys Inn, Christchurch, Dublin, on March 27th, A charge of false imprisonment of the woman on the same occasion was not proceeded with by the State.


Mr Seamus Sorahan SC, defending, said he had arranged with the prosecution Newbriege the victim would not be named in open court to avoid her further distress. Garda Cornally said the woman's Newbridge escort and her children had no idea about the nature of her part time work and she was terrified they would find out. A week Nwbridge the assault, gardai raided Byrne's home and found the photographs and Newbtidge he had taken in the hotel bedroom. They Newbridge escort found documentation containing information on the woman's Susans escorts and children as well as Newbrudge magazines.

Garda Cornally also agreed with Mr George Birmingham, prosecuting, there had been "a degree of contact following the incident and the woman was concerned in case any contact from the defendant ht reveal her activities to her family. Judge Kelly ordered the seized information relating to the woman should be returned to her or destroyed. He also warned Byrne not to contact or beset the victim, her family or friends or to get anyone else to do so on his behalf. However, he said such services had "underworld" connotations. Judge Kelly also said that apart from the obvious risks to escorts they could also be open to "grossest possibility of blackmail".

Judge Kelly inquired whether the magazines seized in the raid were pornographic but added he would not expect the prosecution to define pornography, as it would take too long. Mr Birmingham said the State was not concerned with the magazines or a video camera and they would be returned to Byrne. Garda Cornally told Mr Birmingham that Byrne and the woman checked into the hotel at They had a lot of drink, including gin, and had sex. Later, the woman was lying face down asleep on the bed but awoke on seeing the flashes of Byrne's camera. When she tried to take the camera off him, she was thrown against the wall, punched in the face several times and kicked.

An English couple in the next bedroom heard her screams and raised the alarm. Byrne was held by security men as he was hurrying half dressed from the building. Garda Cornally said the woman was initially reluctant to tell the gardai anything and was brought to hospital complaining of feeling unwell.

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