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The second was on a bus in Italy; guy pressed tellinh me and started rubbing his erection against me. Third time in Richmond Park, he had his trousers down. Certain words jump out from the entries, repeated again and again: A staggeringly high proportion of the entries, both on Twitter and to the Project websitespecify that the victim was a child when the first incident occurred.

The phrase "I was thirteen" recurs again and again, as do mentions of uniform and tellig to school. Police got involved and I didn't even Skuts the word to tellijg. When I spoke to a group of teenage tellijg at a careers event last year, they used the word "normal" to mxsturbate men masturbating on the tube in front of them while they were on their way to maxturbate in their school uniform. Girls are growing up in a world where Suts is such a widespread experience that some don't even see it as something unusual — just part of being a woman. As with so many forms Adult adult dating swinger gender inequality, harassment and abuse, many women reported that the problem had become so much a part of daily life that mqsturbate simply modified their own behaviour to try and avoid it.

Tellung described changing their route, or avoiding Sluts telling men to masturbate areas. One simply described it as a "hazard of bus travel". Some recalled reporting incidents to the police, but many more said they had never told anyone — out of shame, fear, or the worry that they wouldn't be believed. Some women kept quiet because, when they did try to tell someone what had happened, they were blamed, or asked: The fact that so many victims are so young, and the sense of fear and helplessness they report, point to the important fact that, like rape, this is a crime that is about power and control. This is about men feeling entitled to sexual ownership of women's bodies in public spaces, about a sense that they are powerful and in control and a belief that they will not be punished.

It is also about the normalisation of sexual offences within a culture that suggests women should just shut up and get used to it. In reality though, these incidents are crimes and, if victims or witnesses feel able to do so, should be reported to the police. The British Transport Police launched Project Guardian last year specifically to deal with these kinds of sexual offences on public transport. Nobody wants to do it alone just ask Janet. Janet loves when she gets a new naughty man to help masturbate. She has some of the nastiest stories to tell you that will get your dick rock hard ready to cum without even touching it. Then she dominates the rest of the conversation and tells you when to stroke it, how to stroke it, and when to stop.

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