Jewish sex singles

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That so many aspects of the Jewish singles scene are so bad is Jewish sex singles accident, no coincidence. Ask them about it and they'll swear on a stack of Talmuds that they're not there seeking mates 'n' dates, they're just "hanging out" with their friends, or at least "looking for" their friends, as in, "I can't dance with you now [at a dance] because I'm looking for my friends.

In Orthodox Jewish circles, single women are largely forgotten

Undaunted you press on, and when finally, using your studied insouciance and deadpan wit, Jewish sex singles manage to engage a woman in conversation, you'll notice the forlorn eyes of the socially challenged peering out at you from all dark corners of the bar. In a word, it sucks. The paucity of the eats mirrors the dearth of women.