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So, call us to help you make the most of your Miami trip. As Premier escort traveling gentleman or a local connoisseur, you deserve a little downtime and some up time as well. Whether your Ptemier to Miami is for business or pleasure, or ewcort live here in paradise our blonde escorts have you covered. Blonde Escort in Miami There are a lot of prudish girls in the Miami escort industry surprisingly. I am of select few Blonde escorts who is willing to consider special request no matter how absurd. If I had not already tried it at least once, than I was willing to!

I maybe blonde, petite and only weigh pounds soaking wet, but hell I am FUN! The most peculiar request I have been asked to do and that I actually agreed too had to be the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing date. I have to admit it was a ton of fun, different but overall a ton of fun.

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The client was an older man in his mid thirties and I was Premier escort at Premisr time and fresh to the game. When the client booked the appointment he had only specified he wrote a script Prekier a short adventure in one of his Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The theme was pirates and mermaids thus he had me meet him at his hotel Premidr South Beach called the Betsy. The Betsy had Toronto downtown escort services own private beachfront which made it easier to reenact and get into character without worrying about being watched, laughed at, or bashful.

When I had arrived at the private beach, he was waiting for me by the lounge chairs with my costume. The top was a tiny coconut depicted bikini and the bottom was a sea foam green g-string with a long silky and opal colored cover-up to tie around my waist. He had incredible taste, I'll say that much. Anyhow, He handed me my script and costume and I walked into the hotel's guest ladies room and changed while looking over the script trying to memorize all I could. When I felt I was sincere with my lines I walked out to meet my client. I am trying to keep all of this at London escorts to make sure that the collection stays in one place.

But I am totally addicted to it, so I cannot really see myself stopping any time soon. Like I say to my friends, I could do with an apartment for just my collection. It may make you laugh, but I am probably one of the few girls in London with a video player for her old videos. Some of them are becoming rather rare and there is a chance that my collection is actually rather valuable.

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