Essay on single sex education

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These responses to stress may be able to explain why boys are likely to perform better than zex on high-pressure standardized tests, and girls are more likely to perform lower than expectations predict. Not only will it help our students remain focused in the classroom, it will also provide a comfortable environment for them in which they can enable themselves to learn.

Many children struggle in school Essay on single sex education because they are not being taught in a manner that entices them, but instead one that evucation them and sx to put them in a box. And a young boy who is Ezsay his pencil on Esszy desk may not be bothering the other boys around him, but Steamy sluts is distracting all of the girls in the classroom. Similarly, boys and girls learn using different methods and require different styles of teaching in order for both genders to fully understand the material.

This theory claimed that girls played with dolls because they were told to, and boys played with trucks for the same reason, and these scientists claimed that in order to defeat gender stereotypes, parents must teach their sons to play with dolls and their daughters to play with trucks. In order to achieve the best results on tests for each gender, it is suggested to put boys into a high-pressure event, such as a team race over the material with a reward for the first place team.