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Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internetsaid that many of the girls she interviewed "had intentionally embraced the 'slut' label as Shaven sluts badge of honor to advertise their sexual empowerment. As always, women are sluts and men are, well, men. Cherice Moralez — raped by her 49 year-old teacher when she was just 14 — was called "older than her chronological age" by the judge in the trial — a more diplomatic way of saying she had it coming. When multiple attackers videotaped themselves brutally raping an unconscious teen girl in Californiafor example — stopping to take dance breaks and find new objects to penetrate the young woman with — the first trial resulted in a hung jury because the defense argued she was promiscuous.

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And because it's meant to be more of an identity than a label, it's a term not easily shaken off. Her attacker was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Another asked the jury: