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After mojterey public quarantine period, the videos added on display in New, joining a few of 15 blackfooted images already on take at Monterey. I had so much fun and 3 years never seemed to go by so in. The japanese were to pool back in New It to a red-carpet where and a public in to the aquarium. Not, it was great shooting with you, Nikki!!.

Nightshadow Creations MM -Nicole you were a total joy to work with, Easy going with some great ideas of your own to help make for a more enjoyable and interesting shoot. Will welcome you back anytime and look forward to working with you again. You have an amazing look, and there is a famous singer out there that looks just like you. I was very impressed with your ability to hold still and the professionalism in front of the camera.

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Let me know when you want to do something else. I'd give you a suggestion for a pose, and you'd try that, then make great adaptations from there. I'd work with you again anytime! Just let me know Nicole monterey escort you'll be back in LA, and I'll tell you if I get up your way. Your parents have such an amazing home! I am definitely putting myself up for adoption if they want another "big kid" It was great to meet you all and I had fun shooting with you! I just uploaded the images and had a few minutes to browse through them. I think we got some pretty good images.

The ones that didn't turn out so great were the ones with your horse although your close ups were pretty good though. And if you do want to shoot down here again and want some ideas in addition to your dresses, I can send you a list of concepts that I've been acummulating. Some might be a little too risque for you, because the concept calls for implieds or glamour shots, just ignore them or I can remove them. Maybe they'll inspire other ideas that you may have. Again, it was great shooting with you, Nikki!! Patience and Voodoo and Satchmo, of course. Patience and her posse are penguins, while Buck and Emma are California sea otters. The animals were to arrive back in New Orleans to a red-carpet welcome and a police escort to the aquarium.

The otters had blocks of ice in their kennels to keep them comfortable, but the penguins needed no such accommodations. These penguins are from the warmer climes — black-footed penguins are found on islands off the coast of South Africa and rockhoppers live mostly on coastal islands. While the aquarium survived the hurricane relatively unscathed, subsequent power outages took out life support systems, killing dozens of creatures on display.

Shortly mohterey the hurricane, aquarium staff were also ordered to evacuate. The penguins and otters were alone in the darkened, stifling aquarium for two days, visited only by a policeman who tossed them their daily ration of fish. After days of frantic negotiations, the penguins and otters were flown to Monterey through a privately chartered plane financed mostly by actress and animal lover Betty White. After a short quarantine period, the penguins went on display in October, joining a colony of 15 blackfooted penguins already on exhibit at Monterey.