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If only because of the nudity in the story, its popularity has been maintained, and spread internationally, with many references in modern popular culture. Lastly, the only recorded tolls were on horses. Reader from an article The story of Peeping Tom, who alone among the townsfolk spied on the Lady Godiva's naked ride, probably did not originate in literature, but came about through popular lore in the locality of Coventry. Edmund Blair Leighton depicts the moment of decision Other attempts to find a more plausible rationale for the legend include one based on the custom at the time for penitents to make a public procession in their shifta sleeveless white garment similar to a slip today and one which was certainly considered "underwear".

Lady Godiva

And as a condition, she required the officials of Coventry to forbid the populace "upon a great pain" from watching her, and to shut themselves in and shutter all windows on the day of her ride. See date below, and the alternate suggested name "Action". They had one known son, Aelfgar.