Funeral escort for deceased marine personnel

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These funerals are reserved for the President of the United States as commander-in-chiefthe Secretary of Defensethe Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffand officers granted multiple-service command. For funerals of presidents, a 21 gun salute using artillery and battery pieces is fired not to be confused with a three-volley salutewhile all other high state officials receive 19 gun salutes. When a spouse or other dependent of a current or former member of the United States Armed Forces is buried, the military service in which the primary party served will provide a casket team and a chaplain.

No other military honors will be rendered unless the spouse served in the military. They include men and women from all walks of life, including former police officers and postal workers, as well as housewives. For Tolbert and other riders in California, attending the services means traveling all over the state.

Among the bikers are Gold Star parents -- those who have lost a child in the military service to war; and Blue Star parents, who have a decwased currently serving. The riders' range from teenagers to pensioners. Some are war veterans. Although most ride motorcycles, some drive cars. They all want to show they care. The group relies on the assistance officers to inform the families about the riders, Donor said. Typically, the bike riders and the few cars in their entourage escort the casket from the church to the cemetery.

Military funerals in the United States

Police and the funeral home set the deceasec. The riders may esclrt police with traffic at intersections. Sometimes the riders meet the body at the airport and accompany it to the funeral home for viewing. The riders usually present the families of the fallen service members with mini dog tags -- green for Army personnel, blue for the Navy and red for the Marine Corps. The tags are typically inscribed with the service member's name, age, rank and country of death.