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Charles Cote d escort ivoire Banny, governor of the West African central bank. The crisis cannot be allowed to persist. Its agriculture is highly productive, making it the world's single largest exporter of cocoa and Africa's largest exporter of coffee and fourth or fifth in the world. Compared with many other African countries, it also has a relatively diversified manufacturing sector. Non-Ivorians are estimated at around million -- or a quarter of the country's total population. It contributes nearly 40 per cent of the combined gross national products of the entire UEMOA group see graph.

It also claims a quarter of UEMOA's total population, accounts for 30 per cent of its investments and 40 per cent of its budgetary receipts, provides 57 per cent of its exports and takes 36 per cent of its imports. But by the last few years of the s, growing domestic political conflict, combined with downturns in the world prices for cocoa and coffee, seriously undermined the Ivorian economy. The country's economic growth rate declined drastically, and since has been stagnant or negative. The situation since the outbreak of civil war in September has been especially dire. Banny, citing central bank estimates, reports that the Ivorian GDP actually contracted by 1. Banny's estimate forand project an additional decline of 1.

Only part of the decline was a result of the disruptions caused by the Ivorian conflict, with stagnant cereal production also playing a major role.

Mali, which is less extensively affected than Burkina, managed to maintain a reasonable 4. Niger saw its growth drop to 2. Some have sought sanctuary in refugee or transit centres. Others have managed to return to the safety of their home countries. More than a million Ivorians and nationals of neighbouring countries have been forced to flee the fighting. This was in addition to anotherpeople who were displaced within the country. As in other spheres, Burkina was hit the hardest. But since Cote d escort ivoire the number has soared beyondThe rest returned home on their own, sometimes walking long distances. In some of Burkina's western provinces, thousands of Cote d escort ivoire Escort houston ts have crammed into already overcrowded classrooms, further increasing teachers' workloads and eroding the quality of education.

Many more workers have joined the ranks of Burkina's unemployed. In Nimpouy and other rural areas, returnees have set up new villages and farms, sometimes encroaching on established farmlands and contributing to land disputes and ethnic tensions. This has added to instability along Guinea's southern borders, including with Liberia. Trade disrupted On top of the costs of repatriating their nationals, Mali and Burkina have also been hurt by the severance of trade with their southern neighbour. Both countries also depended on Ivorian markets for their exports, 10 per cent in the case of Mali and 12 per cent for Burkina.

Niger's construction industry has suffered from the halt to Ivorian iron, lumber and paint imports. Even Benin, which has its own port and depends largely on imports from neighbouring Nigeria, has been hit by the cut-off in Ivorian manufactured goods and refined oil 11 per cent of its fuel imports came from Abidjan. The disruption of regional export trade has been just as serious. Livestock herders in Burkina, Mali and Niger depended heavily on Ivorian markets for their sales. Burkina's prime minister reports that the country's total cattle and animal product exports fell by 65 per cent because of the Ivorian crisis.

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