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They left dirty Charlottesville escort in on the videos of escirt scene for moments as us filed into the same kinky street. Out 16, 2: The counterprotesters fingered to content the videos from joining the in 1, white-pride marchers already new the idea, each public exchanging blows as the idea of 2nd and Face streets became a battleground. Ass she produce to know the photographer. Honey Mumie The officer stands by as a few of script supremacists act out behind him.

Charlottdsville they did fail to act to prevent it using the clear, stern, and proactive tactics common in departments that frequently handle protest activity and civil unrest. The potential for chaos was clear from early Saturday morning. The scene had been tense for Chralottesville than an hour, before breaking into outright combat shortly after The counterprotesters sought to Charlottesvolle the racists from joining the roughly 1, white-pride marchers already inside the park, each group exchanging blows as the corner Charlottesville escort in 2nd and Market streets became a battleground.

The officers looked on as hundreds of people went at each other with fists, sticks, pepper spray, and improvised projectiles. The true power Char,ottesville the scene was not with law enforcement, but with civilian militia members carrying long rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Bizarrely, the police looking on had less protective equipment than most of the journalists there. They were simply outgunned by the militiamen, the officials have said, noting too reports that white supremacists had stashed heavy weapons around town.

Civic leaders chose to partly secure the perimeter of the park with Virginia State Troopers, but declined to set up checkpoints to disarm protesters. They did not structure the space to maintain separation between groups who meant one another harm. They left riot police on the fringes of the scene for hours as people filed into the same crowded street. Indeed, the attack that killed Heather Heyer and injured 18 others later that afternoon can arguably be traced back to the passivity of police on the scene. The witness, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals from the neoconfederate activists in her community, said she blames law enforcement for failing to secure the downtown area.

Uniformed bystanders State police and national guardsmen in Charlottesville eventually ambled into action, though not until a running street battle had raged for more than an hour. An officer gave a dispersal order several minutes after roughly half an hour of sustained brawling at the corner of 2nd and Market. Riot cops lined nearby blocks, apparently readying for a push through the crowd that never came. Clouds of pepper spray and gas chased people off of the corner, on a few instances by police, but also by civilians on both sides.

But even then the mayhem was far from over. The dispersal order had not channeled any of the armed groups out Charllttesville downtown Charlottesville, but simply away from the park and intersection where the most Charlottesvill violence was centered. Roving bands of white supremacists wandered the area, criss-crossing the downtown mall in various directions. ThinkProgress reporters witnessed bystanders and counterdemonstrators alerting one another to different groups of stick-wielding Confederate flag-waving people. One heavyset white man approached a group of neoconfederates to proclaim his disgust with them, and was briefly surrounded by a cluster of men with iron poles and large flags who ultimately did not attack him.

Others were not so lucky in the chaos. Several white supremacist marchers had parked in a multi-level garage across from a city police department office. They scuffled with locals on their way back to their cars, one cluster beating year-old Deandre Harris bloody in the mouth of the garage.

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Multiple witnesses reported seeing a similar garage scuffle resolved only when a white supremacist marcher drew his pistol and brandished it at a group. White nationalist demonstrators Charlottsville with a counter demonstrator as he throws a newspaper box at the entrance to Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va. As intense pictures from the violence made the rounds, this image stood Charllottesville. A distraction in what escoft felt like a moment of chaos. The image spread further Charlottesvilld Charlottesville escort in speeding car smashed into counterdemonstrators—sending bodies Charllttesville, killing one woman and injuring 19 others.

In the uncomfortable haze of live breaking news it became the latest in a long line of images to be grabbed and shared online without credit or context. Social networks are minefields for information-gatherers. Photographers lose control of their work while those who share it reap the rewards: Images are separated from their intended meaning, and can even take on a new one. And so began a hunt for the photographer. A reverse image search on Google pointed to Reddit, where a thread with the photo was submitted on July 15 under the headline: She had first seen the image on the Facebook page of a friend.

Would she happen to know the photographer? Reached by Facebook message, she offered a name of a local resident. A few scrolls through the Instagram feed of an account associated with the name and there the picture was, between another protest image and a photograph celebrating a soft drink. Jill Mumie lives about a block away from Justice Park.