2000 ford escort zx2 body kits

Bottom line if you are few to found your oem weeks these are the ones to do it with. The honey system is an off-the-shelf Ashley Yok Exhaust four-into-one unit. Two years back, the inevitable fucked. If you take off the phrases and panels there are still the linked steel pulls and rear three-quarter lover outlines, although they have been over — particularly as the videos are all drilled. Over the side, you still have the new recognisable, sharp lines of the MkII, part sitting part lower and more aggressively than place.

One gross oversight in the front lower control arm bushings - it should have been a 2 piece bushings with flanges on both ends. Unfortunately the kit requires you to reuse part of the OEM rubber bushing, its like a big rubber washer and its likely dry rotted and is unuseable.

Riding Around With An Armed Escort

The part is discontinued from Ford, so good luck finding one. Energy Suspension was of no help in figuring out what to do. Why couldnt these guys design it right when they made it rather than relying on Fords design. Dave Korzun - June 25, The links where too too tall, had to shave down spacer for sway bar. The bushings were coupled with "premium" struts, but not super high performance. I highly reccomend these to anyone I used hammers and muscle to install these, trust me, use a press. And the ride quality after the install is dramatic it feels like a different car. You do have to do some slight mods 2000 ford escort zx2 body kits the sway bar bushings that mount to the frame but nothing a drill wont fix.

If you take off the wings and panels there are still the inner steel wings and rear three-quarter panel outlines, although they have been altered — particularly as the arches are all tubbed. The floor pan and boot floor are still intact though the latter is another bit that Adrian keeps trying to wield a cutter at. The interior strip-down led to a substantial change in the feel of the cockpit, with the pure white finish highlighting the additional bracing and detailing. The basic switchgear is mounted on carbon panelling; race-spec Stack gauges are complemented by the snap-off Sparco wheel. Unbeknownst to Jamie, whilst his fabricator was working on the cross-bracing and additional reinforcement across the rear tubs put in to compensate for some flexing the car had experiencing he also added in a little bit of personalisation… The alloy fuel tank was also fabricated and installed, with Facet Red Top fuel pumps and everything connected using top spec Aeroquip parts.

The expense was justified for both safety and performance reasons. Pinto Perfection So time to go under the bonnet to take a look at the pristine engine bay, one of the many reasons this car picks up so many trophies at shows. Jamie sold the 2. The internals have all been uprated: A relatively recent addition has been this set of bespoke carbon trumpets. The Pinto is charged up via classic Weber 50DCOE carbs, staying true to that constant of period fidelity where sensible and apprpopriate. The engine is producing around hp and foot-pounds of torque, which in a car weighing around kg is basically the promise of intense joy behind the wheel.

The exhaust system is an off-the-shelf Ashley Competition Exhaust four-into-one unit. Once again, rather than going for some complex matrix of pipes, the simple and effective solution comes out on top.

Braking power is provided by hardcore AP Racing 4-pots at the front, utilising mm floating discs with an AP compensator valve. The car is suspended on 3way fully-adjustable Nitrons at the rear; Bilsteins were still mounted in the nose, but Jamie was in the process of acquiring the stub axles and top mounts to add Nitrons up front as well. In addition, Adrian Hall is working on a new splitter and Jamie is planning on trying to create as flat a floor as possible, whilst also adding rose-jointed lower arms from Gartrac. All the way through the car: The Escort might be maintained in concours condition, but everything is there for a purpose and the presentation shows the commitment to performance.

From lines to livery the whole car is incredibly pure and is like a beacon at shows.